Hayden Avenue


Mr. Grinch’s Worst Roads in East Cleveland Part TWO

EAST CLEVELAND OH – 3/31/2015 – Hayden Road continues to be the worst road in the City of East Cleveland Ohio however the small street patch team took on some of the larger holes.  Using only a very small amount of cold patch the crew started west to east trying to patch up what they could do. Working with cold patch is just a temporary repair that should be backed up with hot asphalt repair but the city has no immediate plans or the equipment needed to put hot materialsRead More

Silverman’s Department Store Closes Forever

In his own  words:  Alan Silverman – SILVERMAN’S Silvermans.com Hello, Sadly, after serious consideration, I have decided to close Silverman’s. My Dad started the business in 1946, and through the hard work of the company’s excellent staff and the loyalty of its customers, I am proud to say, we have out lived many of the big chains we once competed against, like Ames, Cooks, Gaylords, Gold Circle, Uncle Bills, Zayres, and others. I am very sad to be closing Silverman’s, (our final sale starts on Thursday, January 29th.) but after workingRead More

Let’s take a ride in Mayor Gary “Durango” Norton’s new Truck

In August 2014 East Cleveland Ohio will not be able to make payroll for city employees, police and fire departments. Knowing the situation of his city Mayor Gary “Durango” Norton went out and purchased a nice new truck to chauffeur he and family around to recreation places around East Cleveland and Shaker Heights.   Now East Cleveland police officers are writing tickets and citing people for anything they can sending some folks to East Cleveland Municipal Court only to have Judge Dawson ferret out the truth and in some casesRead More