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No more incumbents this Election 2017 – Enough is Enough

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 5/9/2017 – Joy Jordan says ” East Cleveland’s City Officials put this toxic dump behind her house. This is what she lived with during her last remaining years.” Despite protest from residents, East Cleveland City Council members: Recalled Ward 3 -Thomas Wheeler, Brandon King, Former Ward 4 Mansell Baker, Nathaniel Martin and Barbara Thomas along with Recalled Mayor Gary Norton Jr. all were excited to sell this land for $125 thousand Dollars. The land was worth much more and George Michael Riley Sr. and hisRead More

In Memory of Sterlyn Ezell – 2012, 2013, 2014

This is the one day when this website brings it to everyone reading about Sterlyn Ezell and his tragic death in East Cleveland Ohio City Jail sometime during this time Thanksgiving Day 2012.  While the East Cleveland Police managed to cover up a murder scene and never released the tapes of the crime it just goes to show how things have been going in East Cleveland Ohio Jail. According to the East Cleveland Police Sterlyn Ezell managed to tie his T-Shirt around his neck in less than 30 minutes ofRead More

East Cleveland Tattler #34 XXX Rated

This edition has been deemed For Adults ONLY. You Must Be 18 Or Over – click here to see it

Tattler #33 – Fambrough a pervert? “My fly is open?” Is he kidding?

From: Julinda Mi’Adolla To: garythekappa Sent: Thu, Sep 5, 2013 1:59 am Subject: Tattler #33 – Fambrough a pervert? “My fly is open?” Is he kidding? Tattler #33 (Click here to read) Gary, We heard you were smirking after Jim Pope talked about committing the criminal act of trespassing onto private property to remove Council President and Dr. Joy Jordan’s signs for mayor. You think that silliness is funny. You’re such a bad little boy. So here’s how we treat bad boys. We spank them … editorially! You were probablyRead More

Gary “NO” took my “Joy”

The last two nights Gary and his band of Pirates have been very busy taking up the yard signs from Dr. Joy Jordan. Not only are they stealing the signs he leaves his own sign as a warning telling everyone who them must pay homage to. They even paid a call to my door on Northfield Ave at the now infamous 14019 address to cut my signs up to pieces. My reply was to put up more of those lovely “JOY” signs only to finally give up and go withRead More