Korean Stevenson


Korean Stevenson reveals details about Meeting

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. 6/12/2017  – Candidate for Mayor in East Cleveland Korean Stevenson calls the 44112News hotline to tell about the strange meeting held by acting mayor Brandon King, 6/12/2017. In this audio file she details how the mayors input from citizens was censored and in some cases people were not allowed to talk. And of course the barely graduated from high school mayors flunkie, Michael Smedley snatched the microphone out of some peoples hands and in the case of Noble Road Toxic Dump spokesperson, Mr, Harry Drummund, SmedleyRead More

Korean Stevenson (In her own words) Candidate For Mayor of East Cleveland Ohio

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 5/21/2017 – Korean Stevenson I am sorry to beg your pardon. I have also been to the dump, explored all of the options for the dump several years ago now, spoken to the EPA requesting assistance and calling as far as Washington to find out about regulations and the millions it cost to get rid of this mess. And I am a candidate. VOTE for Korean Stevenson for MAYOR This is not a new issue for me because i have for the past years been involvedRead More

“April Fools”

East Cleveland OH – “April Fools” It has been a strange month to start with the “FAKE” EC City Council met Tuesday, April 4, 2017 with long running city councilman Nathaniel Martin going along with the strange gathering rather than objecting to anything. As the real city council president, Nathaniel Martin managed to disappoint his faithful fans and followers with allowing or even showing up for the fake meetings. He also made it clear that he is NOT running for mayor of East Cleveland and is expected to ride the coattailsRead More