Kyle Pettus


Got Illegal Traffic Camera Ticket – Call 19 News

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 3/2/2017 – 19 Action News is NOT everywhere in East Cleveland. No coverage of the illegal traffic and speed cameras in EC while they report another temporary Mayor Brandon King and lawyer “Silly” Willa Hemmons alternative dump site. A news station that boasts having Karl Monday the top investigator and they forget to go after the biggest dumper in EC history, George Michael Riley Senior and his former love partner Christina Beynon who both are responsible for the four story high dump site killing people.Read More

Death Corner – Emily and Superior Avenues OPEN Again

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A.- 6/10/2016 – The same corner that took the life of Christopher LaShon Kimble Jr, 22.; Superior and Emily Avenues in East Cleveland Ohio is once again ready to take another life or lives. When one bulb goes out at this corner the whole intersection starts to blink. Christopher Kimble Jr. lost his life because one bulb was not changed and a police car driven by East Cleveland Police Officer Kyle Pettus struck and struck the young man on this street.

Fighting Minds at East Cleveland City Council Meeting – 3/1/2016

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – In the old days before Mayor Gary Norton Jr’s wife Shalom Norton faced felony charges people in East Cleveland had some respect for the office of Mayor. A full house of residents attended the City Council Meeting on May 1, 2016 upset over Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s plan to build three toxic swamps in the city of East Cleveland Ohio. Mayor Gary Norton Jr used the so-called Law Director Willa Hemmons to save his wife at the expense of taxpayers his words and threatsRead More

Mayor Gary Norton Jr. – NEORSD Toxic Swamps

North East Ohio Regional Sewer District – Report approved by East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton Jr. with no input from residents or City Council. On Tuesday, March 1, 2016, at 6:30 PM the infamous council of three (Brandon King, Joei Graham, Thomas Wheeler) + one will vote on allowing Mayor Norton to do what he has already done along with help from George Michael Riley Sr. the Noble Road Toxic Dump. Thomas Wheeler and his buddy the mayor plan on educating the residents of East Cleveland by doing life threateningRead More

Criminal Charges against Mayor Norton, D.I.Y.

East Cleveland Ohio USA – East Cleveland citizens upset with Mayor Gary Norton Jr. are┬ápatiently waiting for the Cleveland FBI to save the day but no one is willing to return a call. East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton Jr. has managed to misspend money that should have went towards patching roads, buying rock salt and even funding both the police and fire departments. Calls to the Mayors office go without answers and the formerly bubbly and people friendly mayor has been cranky perhaps over the criminal case his wife ShalomRead More