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Mayor Norton’s EC House Up For Foreclosure

CV-14-837140 WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A. vs. GARY A. NORTON, JR., ET AL Mayor Gary Norton and his wife Shalom Norton’s East Cleveland home is in foreclosure at 2120 Newbury Road. He’s not only failing to pay the city’s bills, the once $200,000 a year couple isn’t paying their own. The Shaker Heights house at 3724 Rolliston is also behind on taxes. So what did he do with the $10,000 in unused vacation time he cashed in a couple of months ago? Oh well. I faced a foreclosure 20 years ago.Read More

High Bid TEN Thousand Dollars – Trumped by ONE Thousand Dollar Bid

RESOLUTION NO.  60-14   (Voting: East Cleveland City Council Meeting December 16, 2014) A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR TO TRANSFER TO BRANDON L. KING AT A COST OF ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($1,000.00), A PARCEL OF LAND HELD BY THE CITY AS PART OF ITS LAND REUTILIZATION PROGRAM AND LOCATED AT 15612 OAKHILL ROAD, EAST CLEVELAND, OHIO 44112  (PERMANENT PARCEL NO. 673-27-002).                                        By:  Department of Community Development                                          Sponsored By: Councilor  Mansell BakerRead More

Brandon “Land” King and his Insanity T-Shirt

Congratulations to East Cleveland Ohio City Councilman Brandon “Land” King for staying focused on buying up as much East Cleveland property he can.  Whether it be from friends he meets in Bedford Ohio or his own brother this young man is determined to make some money at our Monopoly property game. Kudos once again to the team from THE Word Church who declined to take FREE Land being offered by the bankrupt city of East Cleveland Ohio.    Pastor and staff just need to come up with a reasonable amountRead More

Black Friday Sale in East Cleveland Ohio

This Friday November 28, 2014 starts a year ending fight to save East Cleveland Ohio from going into bankruptcy under the hands of “Overspending Mayor” Gary Norton Jr.  The idea of having a Town Hall meeting on Monday December 1, 2014, 5 PM, East Cleveland Library on  is a hail Jesus 100 yard pass into the end zone.  The meeting is still tentative at this time since no one has been able to reach Mayor Gary Norton and the library does not have an even booked that day. At thisRead More

Trevellle Harp (NOAH) and NAB have a Sick Out

sick–out noun \ˈsik-ˌau̇t\ Definition of SICK-OUT : an organized absence from work by workers on the pretext of sickness 11/12/2014 – East Cleveland Ohio – All the members of EC Neighborhood Advisory Board called off sick before voting  to give THE Word Church FREE Land in East Cleveland or putting EC Library through more discussion over  their own land. East Cleveland Ohio – A small group of citizens came to EC City Hall in hopes of discussing the city plan to give property a way to THE Word Church howeverRead More