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The Grand Army of the Republic Highway – 24 Hours with Mansell Baker

Riding with EC City Councilman Mansell Baker (24 Hours) This is a 24 report where East Cleveland’s youngest city councilman Mansell Baker asked me to keep him off camera and I agreed. Day one with Mr. Baker starts with him on the phone with the Ohio EPA because of a gasoline spill on The Grand Highway of the Republic Highway better known as Euclid Avenue in East Cleveland. Councilman Baker seemed to have no regrets in bringing me out in the middle of the night to make sure this gotRead More

Town Hall Meeting Cancelled – 12/1/2014

Waiting till  just  hours before the first Town  Hall Meeting with East Cleveland Ohio Mayor Gary  Norton and EC City Council was scheduled to take place it has been rescheduled  until Wednesday December 3, 2014, 5 PM. Unfortunately and the Cleveland Plain Dealer told the world to show up Monday, December  1st. Through text messages and word of mouth some people were told about the change and 44112News will be at library telling residents about the  last minute  change and also inviting them to attend EC Library Board MeetingRead More

Auditor of State Dave Yost says No Loan for East Cleveland

November 24, 2014 – East Cleveland Ohio —  Financial planning and supervision group met for the last time in 2014 and welcomed Ohio Auditor of State Dave Yost for the very first visit this year.  Unfortunately the visit was to deliver in person a loan disapproval to Mayor Gary Norton.   (View Yost Letter Here – CLICK Here) Meeting Agenda and Documents  Part ONE Meeting Documents and City Balance – Part TWO Mayor Gary Norton and Finance Director Jack Johnson boycotted this meeting after Auditor Yost sent them a letterRead More

Mayor Gary Norton heads for the door again

The October 2014 meeting of the CITY OF EAST CLEVELAND FINANCIAL PLANNING AND SUPERVISION COMMISSION ended up being the longest time spent to date.  Starting at one o’clock the meeting included a presentation which at a cost of over one hundred thousand dollars talked about merging East Cleveland with Cleveland as one of the options. Read the entire proposal (Click Here)  102914 mtg materials part 1.pdf 102914 mtg materials financial packet part 2.pdf 102914 PFM Analysis mtg materials part 3.pdf After being shut down by commission head Sharon Hanrahan overRead More

NO More Dumping SHIP Around Us

We have seen the continued dumping on Elderwood & Page Streets ranging from televisions to just plain garbage and thought that  it could not get any worst than those scenes.   A walk down those streets today and you may see anything from old paint to chairs and tables and even after it was reported here no one took interest in stopping the dumping. Today we are tired of this SHIP – Yes Ship and not the potty word that some would say about trash being dumped. This dumped boat wasRead More