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Dear Cassandra McDonald (Campaign Director) for Dr. Una Keenon for EC Mayor

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 6/13/2017 – Open Letter to Cassandra McDonald (Campaign director) for Dr. Una Keenon for mayor. Since we are playing politics and there really is no favorite person for Mayor of East Cleveland it is important that we present facts not fiction. The case we WON against Keenon was NOT SETTLED and she is in contempt of the order to provide pubic records. We are not trying to block your punt but instead bringing facts to light. Cassandra McDonald do your :”due diligence” as we willRead More

Kari Oatman Nicholson Candidate for East Cleveland Ohio Mayor

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 5/6/2017 – Candidate for Mayor of East Cleveland Ohio, Kari Oatman Nicholson caught shopping at the Coit Road Farmers Market in EC. Clearly the message she sends out is that the next mayor of East Cleveland will be a woman and we tend to concur with her. Under the reign of males the city has deteriorated into the a pothole filled place with a toxic dump. Right now the top two candidates seeking the office of Mayor out of over 14 other candidates are females.Read More

First of the Mayor Candidates in 2017 – Charles Lucas

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – The candidates are lining up for the office of Mayor of East Cleveland since incumbent Mayor Gary Norton Jr. is all for merger with Cleveland Ohio. Today we meet Mr. Charles Lucas who wants to bring supermarkets and patch up potholes as his campaign promises among other things he states.

EC Mayor Gary Norton wants a job with City of Cleveland

Before writing this entry it was necessary to find out what goes on with traffic lighting devices in East Cleveland and why do lights sometimes malfunction.  Following many phone calls asking us to look into what is happening at the East Cleveland Ohio intersection of Euclid Avenue and Forest Park Boulevard specifically this series started. Stubborn Mayor Gary A. Norton Jr. could have stopped this whole thing from global just by calling the technicians to replace the computer board inside of the main computer that controls this signal.  Instead MayorRead More

High Bid TEN Thousand Dollars – Trumped by ONE Thousand Dollar Bid

RESOLUTION NO.  60-14   (Voting: East Cleveland City Council Meeting December 16, 2014) A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR TO TRANSFER TO BRANDON L. KING AT A COST OF ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($1,000.00), A PARCEL OF LAND HELD BY THE CITY AS PART OF ITS LAND REUTILIZATION PROGRAM AND LOCATED AT 15612 OAKHILL ROAD, EAST CLEVELAND, OHIO 44112  (PERMANENT PARCEL NO. 673-27-002).                                        By:  Department of Community Development                                          Sponsored By: Councilor  Mansell BakerRead More