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Interview with a Deer (4 Legged type)

This short posting is just to have everyone in East Cleveland feel better like most of our Television stations in this area have found through surveys.  Now watch your favorite news station and count the number of animal stories that happen during their newscasts.    Our surveys state that you the people in general want to also see some stories to make the smile reaction happen for you. With that said our news crew found a real “deer” and interviewed about things happening in the town the animal roams searchingRead More

East Cleveland City Council President Barbara Thomas – Then & Now

City Council President Barbara Thomas – Then & Now In writing this blog entry it is necessary to actually show you the reader in video the change in Barbara Thomas a few years ago until today. First we start with the person standing up for citizens and council rights. Click this video below to hear what Barbara Thomas used to sound like and the person that brought a sense of pride to most people watching world-wide. The next clip is from the recent meeting held to determine the future ofRead More

What would Mildred Brewer Say?

If the late East Cleveland City Councilwoman Mildred Brewer was alive, what would she say about her beloved city merging with the City of Cleveland? With that question posted, last night, May 1, 2014 Cleveland City Councilmen Kevin Conwell and Jeffery Johnson  held an information gathering community meeting at the Gunning Recreation Center (Ward 9) (Ward 10) Cleveland.  Invited guests from East Cleveland included Council President Barbara Thomas and Nathaniel Martin, Mansell Baker, Judge William Dawson who were not given much time to speak or perhaps were clueless in regards toRead More

Tattler #33 – Fambrough a pervert? “My fly is open?” Is he kidding?

From: Julinda Mi’Adolla To: garythekappa Sent: Thu, Sep 5, 2013 1:59 am Subject: Tattler #33 – Fambrough a pervert? “My fly is open?” Is he kidding? Tattler #33 (Click here to read) Gary, We heard you were smirking after Jim Pope talked about committing the criminal act of trespassing onto private property to remove Council President and Dr. Joy Jordan’s signs for mayor. You think that silliness is funny. You’re such a bad little boy. So here’s how we treat bad boys. We spank them … editorially! You were probablyRead More

U.S.S. Norton takes it final 4 year cruise

Getting down and dirty has never been something that East Cleveland Mayor Norton has had a problem with. He won the election to Mayor thanks to some down and dirty photos and now Norton actually thinks the East Cleveland voters will do the same thing October first. Joining Norton is his “coxswain” William Fambrough who is ready to go down the ship as our crew of six people takes their final 4 year tour. Residents are not much interested in boarding the U.S.S. Norton this time and are just sittingRead More