McCalls Motel


Greasing Palms in East Cleveland (Show Me The Money!)

palm-greasing Syllabification: palm-greas·ing Definition of palm-greasing in English: NOUN informal Bribery used to secure illicit advantages or gains in politics or business: after considerable palm- greasing, the plan for a commercial building was approved Reference:   November 7, 2014 – East Cleveland Ohio City Council met Wednesday November 5, 2014  with a plain and simple agenda which included welcoming the new Citizens Advisory Board Members and presenting a proclamation in honor of recently deceased Constance Porter, Call & Post Publisher. What the meeting actually turned out to be wasRead More

McCalls Motel and Convenience Store – Merry X-MAS

A new concept in convenience stores comes to East Cleveland Ohio and it includes beer & wine and rooms for convenience. The McCalls Motel and Convenience store is planning on opening for the up and coming holiday season.  They may offer gift cards food for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2014 dinners.  Good news is that most of the major construction completed and they are awaiting inventory to start arriving soon. Despite complaints from local residents and city officials,  this convenience store did not have to get any approvals from City Counsel,Read More