Brandon “Land” King and his Insanity T-Shirt

Congratulations to East Cleveland Ohio City Councilman Brandon “Land” King for staying focused on buying up as much East Cleveland property he can.  Whether it be from friends he meets in Bedford Ohio or his own brother this young man is determined to make some money at our Monopoly property game. Kudos once again to the team from THE Word Church who declined to take FREE Land being offered by the bankrupt city of East Cleveland Ohio.    Pastor and staff just need to come up with a reasonable amountRead More

East Cleveland Ohio Library – Call #:302.343 G619B (Bullied)

What exactly is Call #:302.343 G619B  ?   Using the Dewey Decimal system this posting is educating everyone about what is happening to The East Cleveland Public Library by the City of East Cleveland Ohio.  You can visit the East Cleveland Public Library and go to the shelves to find the book in this posting or just keep reading our blog entry.     For those who just call the library for help or utilize the reference desk librarians this posting is about Bullying and how EC City Hall continues makingRead More

Help wanted – Mayor of East Cleveland Ohio

Help wanted Chief executive officer of a multi-million dollar municipal corporation. You must have very strong managerial experience in either the public or private sector. If you have never run much more than a lemonade stand, please do not apply. This is not an entry level position for someone seeking experience for another job. The job requires the ability to oversee very complicated contract negotiations; must deal with labor unions; oversee city employees working in diverse fields ranging from law enforcement, fire fighting, emergency medical, street and sidewalk repairs, andRead More

Tattler #33 – Fambrough a pervert? “My fly is open?” Is he kidding?

From: Julinda Mi’Adolla To: garythekappa Sent: Thu, Sep 5, 2013 1:59 am Subject: Tattler #33 – Fambrough a pervert? “My fly is open?” Is he kidding? Tattler #33 (Click here to read) Gary, We heard you were smirking after Jim Pope talked about committing the criminal act of trespassing onto private property to remove Council President and Dr. Joy Jordan’s signs for mayor. You think that silliness is funny. You’re such a bad little boy. So here’s how we treat bad boys. We spank them … editorially! You were probablyRead More

U.S.S. Norton takes it final 4 year cruise

Getting down and dirty has never been something that East Cleveland Mayor Norton has had a problem with. He won the election to Mayor thanks to some down and dirty photos and now Norton actually thinks the East Cleveland voters will do the same thing October first. Joining Norton is his “coxswain” William Fambrough who is ready to go down the ship as our crew of six people takes their final 4 year tour. Residents are not much interested in boarding the U.S.S. Norton this time and are just sittingRead More