Ca$H Corner #2 at 3 lights flashing 1 Missing

A resident reminded us about the second corner of our series called “Ca$H Corners” which continued with the corner of Euclid Ave, Belmore Road and Holyoke Avenues.   There has already been a series of accidents mainly due to three (not four) flashing traffic lights that confuse all drivers coming through that spot. In this case the flashing three lights was caused by a driver running into the west bound traffic signal pole and knocking it to the ground.  Since the city did not have a replacement pole the intersectionRead More

Mike & Mike – About that New house on 15619 Terrace

Michael Smedley has managed to stay out of the public eye including his daycare center which was mysteriously closed. As one of two of Mayor Gary Norton’s assistants his official title is Chief of Staff a job which may pay him up to seventy-nine thousand dollars a year. Smedley instructed the new Law Directory not to provide any of his payroll documents despite the fact that all are public records. How is it possible that the Chief of Staff makes more than his boss? In addition to not providing anyRead More

Working Traffic Signal thanks to ODOT, Nate Martin and BMA

It took an Army of men known as the “Black Man’s Army” along with East Cleveland City Councilman Nathaniel Martin to block the entire Euclid Avenue street to bring attention to how dangerous East Cleveland second busiest intersections had become.  Flashing Red lights have greeting citizens for the last four months and Mayor Gary Norton decided to make some bucks by having his police stop cars that did not come to a complete stop at this intersection. Four months and this intersection has netted the city hundreds of thousands inRead More