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In Memory of Sterlyn Ezell – 2012, 2013, 2014

This is the one day when this website brings it to everyone reading about Sterlyn Ezell and his tragic death in East Cleveland Ohio City Jail sometime during this time Thanksgiving Day 2012.  While the East Cleveland Police managed to cover up a murder scene and never released the tapes of the crime it just goes to show how things have been going in East Cleveland Ohio Jail. According to the East Cleveland Police Sterlyn Ezell managed to tie his T-Shirt around his neck in less than 30 minutes ofRead More

Mayor Gary “Durango” Norton wants Cleveland to take his job

With the low voter turnout November 4, 2014 East Cleveland Mayor Gary “Durango” Norton is ready to put his plan into action. He started this plan by overspending on on things such as his nickname Dodge Durango truck as well as a fleet of police cars.  Heat for employees is now optional and the jail and other sections of city hall are given very little toilet tissue forcing some employees to bring their own Charmin tissue with them to work. Norton has continued hiring new people despite the fact thatRead More

Convicted Felon & EC Detective / Police Union President back to work?

With two trials completed Scott Gardner who has plead guilty in both Median and Cuyahoga County trials is now expected to return back to work as East Cleveland Detective according to Mayor Gary “Durango” Norton. Mayor Gary Norton said city officials will review Gardner’s case and discuss any disciplinary action against him. “We have to see exactly what he pled to, but I believe he will return to the force,” Norton said. A quote from: 1. Cuyahoga County Criminal Court – 06/04/2014 06/05/2014 N/A JE **THIS IS AN AGREEDRead More

Breaking News or Psychic Prediction for EC Employees

August 20, 2014 East Cleveland Ohio – BREAKING News (Or psychic prediction) It is expected that M.I.A. Mayor Gary “Durango” Norton will announce that funds have been placed in the city bank accounts to pay staff this month. Allegedly Norton may get help from some of his political friends such as gubernatorial hopeful Ed FitzGerald who previously gave the city money when needed. A formal news release is expected to be released which will discuss how EC Police have been writing a record number of citations and how EC JudgeRead More

EC Residents upset over cancelled meeting

Long time East Cleveland citizens are upset that no one bothered to post that the East Cleveland City Council Meeting was cancelled for August 18, 2014. The small staff at started contacting council members and then finally council President Barbara Thomas. According to Thomas the council clerk is on wedding leave and the required 24 hour notice was not provided. There may be a special meeting prior to the end of August but that has yet to be scheduled. Sadly for East Cleveland residents the only sure way toRead More