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And the beat goes on – Noble RD Toxic Dump

East Cleveland Ohio – 1/18/2017- Noble Road Toxic Dump Site finally gets a shutdown notice, owner runs for cover while her former lover continues tearing down asbestos filled buildings in East Cleveland. When the Cleveland Plain Dealer presented what they thought was breaking news the love/hate couple, Christina Beynon and George Michael Riley Sr. continue to make fools of the entire city of East Cleveland and all media covering the story. In the Plain Dealer story they talk about the simply terrible Ohio Environmental Protection Agency shutting down the NobleRead More

Forensic Journalistic Investigation (Reporters Diary)

  East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 12/27/2016 – On this date my youngest brother Byron Strothers came to us forty-eight years ago and on this date for his birthday gift he received a long forgotten picture of him back in the day. 12/28/2016 – Now this date and being the rip young age of forty-eight, my disabled Desert Storm veteran brother received a personal visit by surprise from me and cousin aka. my sister Sheryl to complete the story. Much of the day was going good until a call isRead More

Potty Mouth – George Michael Riley Sr. “The Mayors Friend” (Explicit Language)

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 12/1/2016 – We captured the foul mouth speaking George Michael Riley Senior and he managed to put on quite a show for everyone to see.   (Explicit Language Warning) Here is the gentleman who conned the entire city of East Cleveland by using a fake name and telling Mayor Gary Norton Jr and the entire city council he was going to transform the old General Electric site into a money making operation. However, George had no money and was on probation owing people around theRead More

EC Truckers Nightmare – Low underpass – Shaw Avenue (Near Post Office)

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Driving through EC is a nightmare for some big truck drivers as they approach the limited number of underpasses in the city. Under the reign of EC Mayor Gary Norton Jr. many of the low underpasses are not marked in advance such as this one on Shaw Avenue. Trucks have been running into the underpass on a regular basis according to neighbors and calls for help from Mayor Norton have been met with false promises or no return calls. What is needed is a simpleRead More

CELL PHONE GUN is not a Toy – Recall Norton and Wheeler – December 6th 2016

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Instead of giving away turkeys and hams to bribe people into voting for them this month November 2016 perhaps Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and City Council President Thomas Wheeler have a new toy to give. Take a look at the Cellular Phone Gun “Cell Gun” which can easily be smuggled into a city council meeting and looks like a regular cellular telephone. East Cleveland Ohio is a “Hot Mess” thanks to these two jokers who have managed to spend and or hide the money neededRead More