Is Brandon King a Racist who hates White Women?

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – This is a prayer for Brandon King who has done wrong and now wants us to let him become Mayor. The City of East Cleveland just got rid of a serial liar and now comes Mr. Brandon King who has lied under oath (perjury) filing false criminal charges along with the strangest lawyer in town Willa Hemmons who crafted the criminal complaint when she is NOT the city law director. Both King and Hemmons need this prayer to help keep them out of jail. WhyRead More

Alleged Sexual and Racial Harassment by Mayor Norton

The Mayor of East Cleveland continues his alleged sexual and racial harassment of at least one white female city of East Cleveland employee perhaps using bully tactics to force her to resign.  His waged campaign started when Tracy L. Udrija Peters started working for East Cleveland City Council and continues today in full force since she won a lawsuit against the Mayor in court.   Some thought this would end but in classic Gary Norton style his efforts have now escalated enough for us at 44112News to make this form ofRead More