Recall East Cleveland Ohio Mayor


Recalling The Three Political Stooges in East Cleveland Ohio

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Citizens in this city are upset with Mayor Gary Norton Junior, City-Wide Councilman Brandon King and Ward Three Councilman Thomas Wheeler and the recall process is underway.  The first of the three to be recalled is Thomas Wheeler who will face a recall election December 8, 2015. Wheeler who once stated that if  people don’t like him he would be willing to quit has changed his  mind and now wants to  be fired through a recall election.  Despite the fact that Wheeler has failed toRead More

EC Mayor Gary Norton wants a job with City of Cleveland

Before writing this entry it was necessary to find out what goes on with traffic lighting devices in East Cleveland and why do lights sometimes malfunction.  Following many phone calls asking us to look into what is happening at the East Cleveland Ohio intersection of Euclid Avenue and Forest Park Boulevard specifically this series started. Stubborn Mayor Gary A. Norton Jr. could have stopped this whole thing from global just by calling the technicians to replace the computer board inside of the main computer that controls this signal.  Instead MayorRead More

83% of Voters want EC Mayor Norton Recalled

East Cleveland participating in a straw poll want Mayor Gary Norton recalled after the city heads for bankruptcy under his administrations continued overspending.  There are still some people happy with how Mayor Gary Norton continues to be their mayor. Your vote counts –  Click the picture or go to: All voting is anonymous so there is no need to fear retaliation from Mayor Gary Norton Jr.