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RTA Rider/Writer on iWatch System

This post also appears on: http://blog.cleveland.com/cleveland-rta-riders/index.html Text Transit Police was an Idea that came from riding RTA Buses, Trains and Trolleys all over town.  Unlike the normal RTA Rider having this blog in on the Cleveland Plain Dealers website means knowing how it feels to be a rider on a regular basis. As a dedicated rider to the RTA system even comparing it to my hometown transit system in Pittsburgh PA (PAT) Port Authority Transit this year and reporting it back to the RTA Board of Trustees who rarely rideRead More

Good Cop and My bad Dollar Bill (From Cleveland.com)

Imagine having to use up your good luck dollar bill to purchase a bus pass and the bill readers won’t accept it because it’s too old and colored by the wallet it has been held in for too many years. This little blog entry is to pay tribute to a good police officer who does far more than what the job requires. Remember the good days when cops used to walk and beat and talked to everyone around the neighborhood. As the RTA Rider I have had the chance toRead More