Sheriff Clifford Pinkney employee says “We are not going to help” 5:05 AM 12/06/2016

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Cuyahoga County Sheriff Office dispatcher states that his office will not intervene should any problems happen with East Cleveland Ohio Police Force and Safety Directory Mayor Gary Norton Jr. Residents are worried that Mayor Gary Norton Jr. will use HIS police force to harass them at the polls much like the incident with Devin Branch where a dropped clipboard turned into a Felony Abuse Charge by Norton.   An early morning call to an unknown Sheriff Office Dispatch Officer – 5:05 AM 12/06/2016 Sheriff Clifford Pinkney Read More

Mayor Gary Norton does the Laundry

10/13/2014 East Cleveland Ohio – An emergency council meeting was held to create the illusion for State of Ohio Auditor David Yost that finances are in accordance with his requests for an updated Financial Recovery Plan from East Cleveland.  The request from was expedited due to the up and coming election November where incumbent Yost is up against his first challenger Democrat John Carnery.  HOWEVER, for the record Republican Yost has won the absentee vote total statewide including many Democratic voters in East Cleveland.  Essentially a land-slide victory for YostRead More