Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Perez


Elizabeth should not spend Mother’s Day alone

By: Lynn Tramonte America’s Voice Education Fund This is so tragic! My friend Elizabeth is one of the many mothers across the United States who will have to spend Mother’s Day as a single parent because of our broken immigration system. Elizabeth is an American citizen and an honorably discharged veteran. She is a mother of two children, but she will not have her husband, Marcos, by her side this weekend to enjoy and celebrate their family. Marcos was deported to Mexico in 2010, leaving her and both of herRead More

Semper Fidelis – East Cleveland City Council Cinco de mayo

EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – 5/5/2015 – East Cleveland Ohio City Council made one mother have a memorable day on “Cinco de mayo” and in advance of Mothers Day. United States Marine veteran Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Perez has been fighting to have her husband returned back from Mexico where he deported over five years ago. Mayor Gary Norton  Jr. walked out of the meeting after telling residents and city council that he failed to purchase a simple $2 pulley from Home Depot Inc. stores to fix the flag pole.  Cost to fixRead More

East Cleveland Ohio supports Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Perez, USMC

EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – 5/4/2015 – East Cleveland Ohio residents welcomed walkers supporting the reunification of Staff Sergeant Elizabeth Perez and two sons with husband and dad Marcos.  As the group walked historic U.S. Route 20 which is the longest highway in the United States East Cleveland residents cleared the sidewalk and applauded the walkers effort. The group of EC residents at McDonalds some of which are veterans saluted the group as they ventured down Euclid Avenue through the East Cleveland Leg of their long journey which started in MentorRead More