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To tell the truth (Mayor Gary Norton Jr.) 2 Stories

Mayor Gary Norton Jr. has managed to spin two different version of why the traffic control lights at the intersection of Euclid Ave, Forest Hills Bvd, and Wheeler Ave are flashing red.  After being interviewed by Multimedia  journalist Michael Baldwin on January 20, 2015.   Mayor Norton admitted that the lights were intentionally switched to flash red causing drivers to come to a complete stop.  In less than 12 hours Norton being interviewed by multimedia journalist Paul  Kiska changes the whole story.   According a confidential source the East Cleveland Ohio city ServiceRead More

Trick or Treat – Mayor’s Pay in excess of $40 thousand a year

Halloween – October 31, 2014 – Mayor Gary Norton refuses to provide access to his pay stubs and W-2 Statements which may show that he has been receiving more than forty thousand dollars a years as voted by the public. The November 2012 election brought East Cleveland Ohio voters out to stop their mayor from receiving over one hundred thousand dollars a year.  According to the vote Norton was supposed to stop paying himself for jobs he does not perform for pay like Safety Director.  The people did not allowRead More

HIGH ALERT for the residents of East Cleveland

HIGH ALERT for the residents of East Cleveland. You have NO working EMS vehicles. The second EMS squad stopped operating this morning. The vehicle was smoking due to electrical issues and wouldn’t shift into gear.   The first EMS squad the city owns has a blown engine that’s being repaired. But since Mayor Gary Norton hasn’t been paying bills, the mechanic isn’t very motivated to get the job done. East Cleveland firefighters are calling a private ambulance service to provide residents with medical transportation. The private carrier is sending invoicesRead More

“Hunker Down” as EC Council votes for Salt over Kids

October 7, 2014 – The children, parents and staff of Superior Elementary School in East Cleveland Ohio will have to “Hunker Down” and face the winter months with no pothole repair in site.  Right now the huge potholes are five to 7 inches deep but with the council to buy two new snow plows those potholes may just grow much larger by mid winter months. In a unanimous vote the five members all decided to go along the buying spree started by Mayor Gary Norton.  By replacing all of theRead More

Clinkscale “falls on her sword” to save Mayor Norton in court

Congratulations to former East Cleveland Prosecuting Attorney Michael Winston for winning the CV-14-821810 captioned as: TRACY L. UDRIJA DBA UDRIJA & ASSOCIATES vs. CITY OF EAST CLEVELAND.   The real case was Gary Norton running a vendetta against Tracy Udrija and just like any war story this case had its hero’s and losers.   Former East Cleveland Chief of Staff Collette Clinkscale came to the rescue of Mayor Gary Norton by taking all the blame over Tracy Udrija not being paid and having to sue the city for victory.  Clinkscale fellRead More