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Una Keenon, The WORD Church, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – East Cleveland School Board President Dr. Una Keenon is fighting for her political life and not wanting to go to jail.  Her supporters are willing to take the street saying that the quote “white woman” is any of the  untrue negative things.  By circulating anonymous letters to residents filled with lies or just plain racist remarks will the students of the schools who pick these papers off their porches be changed by what they read?  Perhaps Keenon supporters should realize that children are seeing their racistRead More

OMG – Monopoly Houses – FREE Church Space

This month the city of East Cleveland Ohio is out of money to pay most of the overdue bills including cellular phone service, electricity,  The only money coming in to  help us to pay employees is from the courtroom of Judge William Dawson.    Thanks to him collecting fines from traffic tickets we managed to have enough money to pay the staff in December. With no budget submitted by the mayor for 2015 (Due in November) the city is living payday to payday.  Employees need to dress warm for work asRead More

Trevellle Harp (NOAH) and NAB have a Sick Out

sick–out noun \ˈsik-ˌau̇t\ Definition of SICK-OUT : an organized absence from work by workers on the pretext of sickness 11/12/2014 – East Cleveland Ohio – All the members of EC Neighborhood Advisory Board called off sick before voting  to give THE Word Church FREE Land in East Cleveland or putting EC Library through more discussion over  their own land. East Cleveland Ohio – A small group of citizens came to EC City Hall in hopes of discussing the city plan to give property a way to THE Word Church howeverRead More

The WORD Church to get FREE Land in East Cleveland ???

Pass the plate and give THE Word Church enough land to build a mega-church for FREE! CLICK Here for Meeting Agenda There are a few things that I personally enjoy in life and one of those is going to a nice library that brings interesting things for the community.  Needless to say as a writer East Cleveland Ohio has a wonderful library that also doubles as the town hall and auditorium.  Through my years in East Cleveland Ohio the library has been the one place that has helped us toRead More