Traffic Cameras


Illegal Traffic Camera Tickets Increase – “Don’t Pay That Ticket” – Holiday Edition

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – Why our phones here are so busy while EC City Hall continues to disrespect citizens rights in regards to the illegal traffic cameras ripping visitors and residents of this great city.   First it starts with Crooked Gary Norton Jr. deciding to “trump” the law in regards to having a police officer at every traffic camera site. Perhaps if we had a contract with American Traffic Solutions such a thing could happen but the people and two members of city council do not want theRead More

EC Residents mad as hell about ILLEGAL Traffic Cameras

EAST CLEVELAND OH – Once again we the people of East Cleveland Ohio are in battle with Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and his sponsor American Transit Solutions owner of the traffic cameras in EC.  When the East Cleveland voters went to the polls and became the only city approving the illegal traffic cameras November 2011 all eyes were on East Cleveland.   Much of the confusion came when Black on Black Inc. leader Art McKoy championed the cause against keeping the traffic cameras and instead of giving the right message McKoyRead More

“Ziggity Boo” Day in East Cleveland

11/22/2014 – East Cleveland Ohio – Today turned out to be an interesting Saturday with a small course in rock salt and ending in a tape showing that the Traffic Cameras are unfair and need to be removed.    I also found some very old footage from 1988 of my investigation of the Pittsburgh PA Police Force and some unfair speed traps. Most of the day was spent asking EC residents to please come to the meeting to be held Monday 11/24/2014 – 11:00 AM, East Cleveland Public Library.  ItRead More