Vanessa Veals


Vanessa Veals – Upset as Hell (My Facebook Friend)

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 6/10/2017 – Today we showcase one of the seldom heard about players in the East Cleveland Ohio saga and the second most downloaded video in our extensive catalog. VANESSA VEALS Her first step in the spotlight came with an alleged affair concerning Vanessa and the ten mayor Gary Norton Jr. which ended up being heard before the entire city and on a video we posted. Her official title is that of being the secretary for the Police Chief who is making well over eighty thousandRead More

SHHH – NO Names or you will be put in EC Bedbug infested Jail

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – There is jail time in East Cleveland if you talk or say anything about some of the members of the temporary mayor Brandon King’s army of overpaid employees who do their jobs despite the return of bedbugs at city hall. Some of these current and fired/retired employees continue to have their hold on the public records showing what they are all paid and money coming into the city.  This is a warning to anyone planning to go to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Meeting, Tuesday, FebruaryRead More

Bug Infestation Clean-Up Not over (Brandon King and others must Go)

East Cleveland Ohio – The Race is about to start for the next Mayor of East Cleveland Ohio. HOWEVER there is still some old business to take care of before there can be a clear race track for Mayor. Another recall will rid the city of the final bit of wrong doing around with Brandon King and the entire staff left over from Gary Norton all getting their boxes and pink slips in the first two months of 2017. Disgraced Mayor Gary Norton Jr. received his termination Monday December 19,Read More

When you can’t trust the police, who can you trust? (Police Athletic League)

The National Police Athletics/Activities Leagues The National Police Athletics/Activities Leagues, Inc. exists to prevent juvenile crime and violence by providing civic, athletic, recreational and educational opportunities and resources to PAL Chapters.  As a membership organization, National PAL provides Chapters with resources and opportunities to grow their own programs and enhance the quality of individual programming.These resources include funding opportunities through various grants, general liability protection programs, programming opportunities through affiliate organizations, and goods and services provided by corporate partners and supporting organizations.  EAST CLEVELAND OHIO – Our investigation intoRead More

Mayor, Vanessa leave work together – Law Director Plays Mayor of EC

Rather than start a battle like we had some time ago with Vanessa Veals and Mayor Gary Norton Jr. this very short blog entry will focus around the East Cleveland Ohio Law Director sitting in for the mayor at EC City Council meeting.     The only upset person at this crazy meeting was Councilman Nathaniel Martin who left the room several time to compose himself. All others and residents in the room with the exception of one resident went along with talking to an empty chair representing Mayor GaryRead More