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U.S. Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge – Town Hall Meeting – 2/25/2017

Warrensville Ohio – Cuyahoga County Community College (Tri-C)  – Corporate College – 2/25/2017 – United States Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge holds her first “Town Hall Meeting” of the year at Corporate College the newest offering from Tri-C before an overflow standing room only audience. Local media after we broadcast the entire even live on Facebook showed up late to get short bits of the even from a distance but Congresswoman Fudge and her staff wanted us up front to report the even and questions from her constituents and we covered theRead More

EC Library Board meeting notice book – OVERDUE

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – It has been a year of Top Secret meetings from the EC City Council and its president Thomas Wheeler and now the EC Library is following that lead not notifying the public about board meetings. This time high priced employee Sheba Marcus-Bey, the Executive Director has been on a employee firing hiring spree. As a one person dictator Marcus-Bey refuses to let the public know about board meetings or what is really going on at the library she heads. With outspoken citizen/volunteers like Otis MaysRead More

Grand Theft – One Mo’ Time – William Fambrough

ORIGINAL Post by: jerrydj | Posted on: July 6, 2013 Grand Theft It is time to file criminal charges against Wiliam Frambrough the FORMER President of our Cleveland Ohio Library and he was on the city payroll making around 75 grand a year working with Mayor Gary Norton.  The Mayor and Fambrough broke up and Norton stuck Fambrough with a sixty-thousand dollar bill. http://44112news.com/Theft/Stolen%20Camera.pdf PLEASE Listen Carefully as this alleged criminal states that all of the equipment belonging to the City of East Cleveland belongs to him now. Rather thanRead More

Wedding Video Guy vs. Ohio State Auditor Yost

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 5/31/2016 – In the past weeks the residents of East Cleveland have been on a non-stop roller coaster ride of insanity. City Council and the infamous “Council of Three” Joei Graham, Brandon King and Thomas Wheeler have managed to pass legislation over the complaints of residents that will pay a wedding video guy twenty-thousand dollars and the back pay of sixty thousand dollars from Mayor Gary Norton’s Network. RESOLUTION 14-16 PASSED A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE EAST CLEVELAND CITY COUNCIL TO ALLOW LEGACY COMMUNICATIONS LLC, INRead More

Wedding Video instead of Auto Insurance in EC

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – How dare the infamous EC City Council of Three spend twenty-thousand dollars just to see themselves on cable access via a wedding video guy.  (William Fambrough) Now 44112News is asking the state group and silent Auditor of State David Yost if they approved this item. We are also asking where in the hell did the money come from at a time when our Safety Forces are in jeopardy. With no insurance on our police and fire vehicles their lives are at risk. Even the crooksRead More