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This site has become a major link and resource for the research of racism and sports
mascots.  Originally started to expose the racist images of Cleveland baseball, it
has grown to include many downloadable Adobe Acrobat Reader files
and supporting links.  To date no one has been able to provide
any rebuttal to the data provided on this site.

Wahoo is no better than
This is a racist symbol like the
Cleveland Baseball Team's Wahoo

http://44112news.com/Racism/Racism/wahoo.gif    or http://44112news.com/Racism/Racism/2Wsambo.gif

No doubt most black people would find the Sambo version of Wahoo to be quite offensive and would be protesting for a change Why should Native Americans not have any rights?
Racism in any form is wrong!
P.S. This web site is against all hate groups
and supports The Jewish Defense League
The Nazi Flag sucks just like all those
who keep that racist symbol active!

The Decision is Official
No More Redskins Trademark
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Now you can download the decision
and view what the fight is all about.
It's a 144 page decision that ends a small part of
the battle to end racism in sports.
Two download sites:
1.  Click here to download from the Government site
If that site is down
you can download it
right from this site!
2.  Click here to open up the case file right now


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This is the real group of people fighting on this issue 24/7


Cleveland Plain Dealer Story
which shows the myth of Wahoo


The following is data about why the protests continue
to end the racist and insensitive use of the name
Indians and the logo Wahoo:

Why do protesters call the name "Indians" and "Chief Wahoo" racist?

Racism is defined as a belief that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or indivicual achievement; a policy based upon or fostering such a belief" (Random House Dictionary)

The Term "Indians"
     The term "Indians" is a racial term originating not with the peoples themselves, but with the Europeans, who used the term to describe all the Indigenous Peoples of this continent.  The term "Indians" evokes in many modern European Americans a mythical image: warlike, ignorant, primitive red-complexioned savages.  The stereotype of Indigenous Peoples promoted by the baseball team also contributes to the myth that Indigenous Peoples exist only in the past.  In reality, 1.5 million Indigenous Peoples live within the borders of the United States.  There are over five hundred federally recognized distinct Indigenous tribes, nations and groups living within the borders of the United States.  They speak over three hundred different languages, and are diverse in cultures, spiritualities, life-styles, systems of government and physical appearance.  In Cleveland people from over forty Indigenous tribes and nations make their home.

About Chief Wahoo
"Chief Wahoo" promotes a negative stereotype of Indigenous Peoples.  This red-faced, hooked nosed, grinning buffoon does not resemble any Indigenous person.  The single red feather is a sacrilegious use of what is a sacred object for many Indigenous Peoples.  Although some believe the logo to be cute or inoffensive, it treats an entire group of Peoples as an inane cartoon, in the same manner that Black Sambo promoted stereotypes and thus degraded African-Americana and Frito Bandito degraded Hispanics.  This dehumanization of people through the use of negative and trivializing stereotypes contributes to violence against certain Peoples because they are seen as less human

Cleveland's Best Told Lie:

Lie # 1 - The Name "Indians" honors Louis Sockalexis; Native Americans should be proud!
The Cleveland Indians Baseball Team promotes the lie that the team was named after a Penobscot who played for the National League Cleveland "Spiders" in 1897-1899.  Louis Sockalexis played less than three seasons with the Spiders.  He played a full season his first year (batting .338), but only 21 games(batting .224) in 1898, and only 7 games in the 1899 season.  Both his initial success and his subsequent failure were attributed to racial characteristics.  In addition, Sockalexis faced intense bigotry, both at his home field and across the country.  In May 1897 the Cleveland Press reported, "War whoops, yells of derision: a chorus of meaningless ‘familiarities' greet Sockalexis on every diamond on which he appears, and in many cases these demonstrations border on extreme rudeness."  This treatment contributed to his alcoholism and his early retirement.
Click Here to Visit
the New
Louis Sockalexis
Research Site

Click Picture to See Actual Artwork About Name Change - The Truth!


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The Truth
In January 1915, the American League Cleveland Naps needed a new name when their star player after whom the team was named, Napoleon Lajoie, was traded.  The current Clveland "Indians" baseball organization claims there was a fan "naming contest" or "fan balloting" through a "local newspaper."   Actually the sports writers used to call the team "Indians" when Sockalexis was playing at the top of his game, however by his third season "The Big Indian" as he was called had become "The Old Indian" and no reference to Indians can be found.  Nowhere in any of the articles reporting on the Cleveland baseball team's name change in the four Cleveland dailies published January 16-18 1915 is any mention of Louis Sockalexis or honor to Indigenous People.  Instead the articles contain racist demeaning references to savages, fighting Indians, warpaths, Indian war dances, scalps to dangle at their belts, and squaws.
Now as in 1915, using "Indians" as aname for a baseball team promotes the same racism that Louis Sockalexis encountered when he played in Clveland.  The "Chief Wahoo" logo is a racial caricature of what "Indians" supposedly look like from other people's point of view.

Download Actual Historical
Documents on Acrobat Reader
The following links will allow
you to see the actual newspapers
that prove Sports Writers
Selected Name "Indians"
and it had nothing to do with
Louis Sockalexis!
Get Acrobat Reader


Download actual documents
Get Acrobat Reader

 Cleveland Leader Newspaper
January 17, 1915
Story about name change

 Cleveland Plain Dealer Newspaper
January 17, 1915 Story
Proves Sports Writers
picked name "Indians"

Cleveland "News" Newspaper
January 18, 1915 Story
"Indians Is A Popular Nickname"

Subj:   correction on web site
Date:   Tue, 26 Mar 2002 1:42:23 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:   clementf@ucc.org
To:   JerryDJ@aol.com


I am very impressed by your great web site. I have been in this struggle
for over 10 years.
 In looking over all the information, I saw that your information for The
Committee of 500 Years is incorrect.

The correct information is:
Committee of 500 Years of Dignity and Resistance
P O BOX 110815,
Cleveland, OH 44111

Phone number is 216-736-3725
Chair is Chris Begay.

Thank you,


Special Click Here
The 3 People Who Have Influenced Me
The Most to Keep Up This Fight
Vernon Bellecourt - Juan Reyna - Juanita Helphrey

One Of The Most Educated Postings Against
site from the Newsgroups:

Bill Kelliher < bkelliher@hotmail.com > wrote in message
I took JerryDJ up on his challenge and researched Louis Sockalexis. What
I found is that Jerry's "facts" are actually half truths.
Louis Sockalexis did have a drinking problem during his professional
career but in fact died from tuberculosis and heart trouble. He did hear
war whoops during his professional career but they were only intended as
an insult in his first bat. He quickly silenced the jeering fans in New
York when he hammered the first pitch over the center field fence in the
Polo Grounds.
You don't have to take my word for any of this, read it for yourself at:
It now seems that Jerry is the one that didn't bother to do his research
and is speaking from ignorance.
Special Note:  The above web site appears to have no web site
adinistrator or email address.  Also the last update for that
site was 1997.  Needless to say, the data about Sockalexis
is now in error according to historical documents from
this web site. Check out the new Louis Sockalexis Web Site

1999 Cleveland
Plain Dealer
Finally takes a stand against
Racist Wahoo Logo that they helped create:
PD Story on Racism and Wahoo

Get Acrobat Reader

Click here to get the Acrobat Version
Printable Version of this historic first
PD Story against racist Wahoo
Afi-Odelia E. Scruggs
Supports Getting Rid Of
Wahoo Logo

Download The Adobe Acrobat
Reader Version of the Story
Click Here

Front Page News on
The Cleveland Plain Dealer
Tuesday, April 20, 1999
The Saga Continues
County Library Employees
Banned from wearing Racist Wahoo
Get Acrobat Reader
Adobe Acrobat Version of this story
to link or add this to your mail type:

Subj:  team mascots
Date: 9/28/99 8:52:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: angela74@herisp.com (Angela Alexander)
To: jerrydj@aol.com, nupie5@hotmail.com

This is a great site!!! I am a social studies teacher, and I will
definitly find ways to use this in my classroom. As an African-American
I can feel, or at least understand you very just viewpoints. I am a
native of Milwaukee, Wi. A couple of years ago Marquette University in
the city changed it's mascot from the "Warriors" to the "Golden Eagles".
Likewise, another NCAA basketball power St. John's in New York evolved
from the "Red Men" to the "Red Storm". I did not see any of this info on
your site. I went through an awful lot of it, there is more I didn't
explore. I would hope that you have examples of these changes because it
shows people proof that the changes you have been fighting for CAN BE
ACHIEVED! As a human, althlete, and fan, I DO NOT AGREE w/ sterotypical
names and images of Redmen, Indians, Redskins, "injun yells", "Tomohawk
chops" etc... It is my opinion that a powerful name like "Warriors", or
" are ok as long as sterotypes are left out of it. On a middle or

high school that is easy to mantain. I not that is not the case for
major college & the pros. Society is filled w/ radical people, sports
brings that out ten-fold. Look at my Green Bay Packers- the fans wear
cheeseheads. I watched the game this sunday (9/26/99) and a guy had on a
Pope's hat & robe adorned green & gold, and he labeled himself "St.
Vince (Lombardi)". As a Christian, to me that was over the line and
offensive. I wish you much success in you objectives. You my not
convince everyone of every aspect, but you can raise the level of
conscience of millions, and make sweeping changes on this issue.
                                           God Bless and good luck,

Cleveland State University
Student Publication
Great Story
"Icons Of Destruction"
Click Here to see it
on Adobe Acrobat
Story #1

Second Story in CSU Vindicator
Click Here to see
April 26-August 30 1999
Story #2
"Waging War Against Wahoo"

Subj: racism Date: 98-12-21 21:58:57 EST From: Erist14 To: JerryDJ Wow, the same thing dennis eckersley said when manny drove a pitch deep into the bleachers. I'm not sure I ever thought of myself as racist, but maybe I am, I mean I've worn the logo for so many years thinking I was showing support for a city and a team I called my own, maybe I was wrong. Or maybe in some odd way your pictures are a clarity for all to witness, maybe not.... but bear with me here, hopefully, the logos you presented, both wahoo and sambo could serve as a reminder of times we hope to never return to. Racism, the term, indicates by it's very nature, prejudice to the highest degree: with action. I suppose by wearing the shirt I am called into action or am at the very least a participant in some subliminal action that by intent would cause hardship or malintent on a group of people. but back to my previous thought, The American flag by virtue of history would indicate supression and demand for obiedience, the pennant that flies over Boston Gardens would indicate that all irishmen are drunken and prone to fight the good fight, etc...etc..., hopefully we as a people can become comfortable enough with who we are, that what another person says, or tries to do to us, reflects that man/woman's insecurities and not our own. Maybe we should concentrate on our own actions as being the guide through which others can follow, and grow. Simply put you can't change anybody else, you can only work on yourself. If you are stagnent enough to say that you need no work, then you may be racist with action in that by not commiting you have commited. Thanks for the thought provoking label, I'm sure people will take notice, and whoever you are bear through the crap that comes your way. Remember it's a reflection of another's insecurities, not your own

WMy Friend Wacinyapi
Russell Means
The #1 Activist Rest In Peace

News Flash
Cleveland to Change Logo
Click Here for this Story!

Hey the Wahoo Logo is a very racist icon and judging from the mail I have received there are many of you out there who agree! Please send me Email and in the Subject Area Make a Comment

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 OK many of you have asked me for more data about Wahoo and why it's a racist logo. So to handle the needs here are some links to other sites: click any of these links

Great Sites to find out more about Sports Mascots
Find out more about Team Mascots and much more - click here

Atlanta & Cleveland Teams Racist? Click Here

The "Real" History of Wahoohttp://

Interested In Racism
Icons / Logos / Stereotypes?
Above the Politically Incorrect
Version of Aunt Jemina
who really was an ex-slave.
Watch for new web location!
Also check out;
Visit the John Malvin Web Location
to find out about Cleveland's first civil
rights fighter!

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Even in California the message about Wahoo Goes On

The Story of Little Black Sambo

The truth about why
Sambo's Restaurant
Chain Failed
The name for the resaurants was derived by joining together parts of the names of its founders, Sam Battistone and Newell Bohnett.  The chain developed a close association with the book Little Black Sambo  in its publicity campaigns and later closed because of the negative connotations associated with the book.  The controversersy had become intense when in 1977 some residents of Reston, Virginia, protested when the group planned to open one of its restaurants there.  There were no claims that the chain discriminated against anyone, but the name, as a symbolic reference to blacks, was totally objectionable.
Kern-Foxworth, Marilyn, 1994, AUNT JEMIMA, UNCLE BEN, AND RASTUS, Greenwood Press
Here are two sources for this book
or check your local library:

Cleveland Radio
WTAM Supports Racism
These billboards are sick!

The Real Wahoo

Want to know more about the Protests?

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